Kumamoto-jo! Everything of the 1st place of Japanese castle rank which might be performed Attractive Kumamoto Castle 구마모토성의매력을전합니다

The castle which is No.1 popularity in Japan.
nadochakukonta hit country, Taiwan and Hong Kong person们
Only the word by which they’re foreign countries to hear that Kumamoto-jo is visited in recent years.
That this Shiro can bring interest?
As Japanese and Kumamoto-ken people, it takes pride.
I dominate the Kumamoto-shi center.
-Overwhelming history legacy-
I thank the person who participated including Kato Kiyomasa.

shirosaien, yuuza and Kumamoto-jo hospitality general corps.
Other a lot of related staff.
You hand the charm down to everybody happily realistically.

The season which will be flower viewing now.
A lot of cherry trees also bloom at Kumamoto-jo.
I’ll entertain people of all over the world!

Kumamoto-jo map MAP

Masked Rider Hiroshi Fujioka Kumamoto appearance animation.

Genkai Ryuji Animation.

From the sky, Kumamoto-jo-Kumamoto-shi Animation

I restore by a method of construction in Kumamoto-jo – a harness turret and a second series fence- those days! Kumamoto Castle BAGUYAGURA

Kumamoto-jo-Tago turret-important cultural asset Kumamoto Castle TAGO YAGURA of national designation

tonshakai and Honmyoji temple Kiyomasa Kato built Kumamoto Castle people of 10 manchou yearn for Kato Kiyomasa publicity of Kumamoto-jo construction of a castle, and where gather round every year 

Honmyoji temple and jouikebyou The grave where Kato Kiyomasa publicity of Kumamoto-jo construction of a castle sleeps Honmyoji temple

-Illuminations of the natural material which doesn’t see and is cheerful. MIZUAKARI

Bear MON! I appear in the building seen from DEKA Kumamoto-jo Zero (l) ● (l) zero/Kumamoto credit union and large Moe bear Kumamon-Big Bear appearance.

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