If home delivery of meals (delivers good sushi in the Edo style best a person door-to-door), gourd sushi (gourd sushi) is at a garden! It can be satisfied with a counter immediately! The sushi store where “the end” can also be satisfied with recommendation by a sushi association in Niigata-ken in Niigata-shi Chuo-ku!

The sushi seller who has gourd sushi (gourd sushi) in Niigata-shi Chuo-ku 3-Chome 356-1, Sekiyatamachi. I train myself for the “harbor sushi” which is a long-established store of sushi from Niigata, and it’s the branch firm which granted a franchise. It’s natural to be good, but the sushi I have at the counter is also reasonable above all. And the place where I’m putting the emphasis on home delivery of meals is also the big feature. Even if it’s farther than that, in old Niigata-shi, Chuo-ku, Higashi-ku and Nishi-ku would be happy to do home delivery of meals (home delivery).

And something to which the image many people hold says “I feel awkward in visiting in a sushi shop in a counter.”
The person who thinks he hears the branch firm of the outward appearance and harbor sushi which has the atmosphere certainly this more may not be little, either, but I hope that you pass through a shop curtain once.
There is also menu table where the price was written clearly accurately.
Of course, cheerful bill.
The place where a store owner says “Good but reasonable thing. Even if he goes back and forth by taxi, he’s satisfied, and you can return.” is significant there as I also said first.
I have good but expensive one for many lives.
When it’s good but inexpensive, the level rises again.
In particular, sushi, oh, it’s done, and, and, when it’s a sushi store in a counter, more anxiety passes from the front where I eat in a price face.

But for gourd sushi, “hand-shaped sushi best” is 3000 yen. “Leaving hand-shaped sushi” is also 3000 yen likewise.
Draft beer is also a glass, even 500 yen and bottled beer are 600 yen. Even an assortment of sashimi is eternal with 1800 yen and a usual pub.
But this isn’t a pub.
The speciality store where the professional who cooks fish fully well has.
Even the same price as a pub wants you to enjoy freshness of the fish and the difference in the taste.
Because it’s the speciality store where I’m also particular about the taste, it’s a professional that the price also fusses.
Then, so if I come to the gourd sushi for the first time, I’m going to worry what to order….
So hand-shaped sushi at 3000 yen the one I’d like to recommend calls “the end”.
That this “end” is the hand-shaped sushi which is being recommended by a sushi association in Niigata-ken, and a general is saying “If he wavers, please eat “the end”.”, it’s apparent.

There are another big features of the gourd sushi in home delivery of meals and home delivery service.
(About home delivery of meals, here.9:06)
There are also a lot of places where home delivery of meals and home delivery aren’t done at the sushi shop where a counter was put.
But more areas and ends where in old Niigata-shi, Chuo-ku I say now, Nishi-ku and Higashi-ku are everything mostly would be happy to deliver even far for gourd sushi.
I’d like to eat good sushi as expected, but that’s learning to say that there is also a lot of request I’d like to eat at a house in the study age and is delivering from foundation those days of gourd sushi.
A birthday and the memorial day are celebrated while also including the dish comfortably and for example freely in a home and in a party, if, because how to eat sushi itself can be done.
If that’s psychology of the guest who asks to deliver to order and is truth, I say.
I say that home delivery of meals isn’t declined mostly when being called when I’d like to respond to such guest’s feeling as much as possible for gourd sushi.
An order of the home delivery rushes by time of course, and I say that you can’t finish going around no matter what, one, because it’s far, I don’t give up and want you to consult by telephone first.
If the date and time are decided again, I’ll advance it and recommend you rather early reservation.
0120-116-135 (from a cell phone: 025-267-5556)

And it’s about a store at the end, but everyone is gentle including a store owner and gourd sushi is cozy and is guest expectation.
Because it’s such store, there are a lot of Mr. habitues, too.
They may see a picture and feel that, but the people who have gone out to a young animation besides 2 sets are only the people who go to and from for more than 20 years both.
I didn’t appear on a screen, but there was Mr. habitue who also goes to small rising for more than 20 years.
When I’m passing from the front where your child is born, and you can’t go to and from, I ask for home delivery of meals, and, there are dramatically much strong fans which love gourd sushi and don’t suffer.
As well as the regular customer, the moment, a new guest can pass through a shop curtain and come without any definite purpose, too.
Because I asked for home delivery of meals at the front, and it was good, Mr. whom have you said to that it’s good and…?
And it’s also the pace rarely to say that it’s difficult to be here full of the regular customers who are often good to the end by the feature, and it’s possible to be able to enjoy sushi and liquor.
Mr. habitue here tells a store owner that consideration to such new guest is done.

Home delivery of meals and, I ask to deliver door-to-door, to eat OK once before home delivery of meals, line spider stop.
I think it’s to feel like eating sushi anyhow if this animation is probably seen, but could you use it by all means?
When taking a picture in the last way of an animation, a price example of a had couple and family’s guest is also carried, so could you also consult that?
A banquet and use at a continuation of the party are being also accepted (A Japanese-style room is also in the inside.), so, I want you to consult with the number of people about the budget.

Gourd sushi (gourd sushi)
Open throughout the year.
:11:00-13:30 of business hours and 17:00-22:00
Parking lot full equipment (When seeming buried, please lack a voice.)
The telephone number (the toll-free number): 0120-116-135 (gourd on national highway 116)
From a cell phone: 025-267-5556
The address (location):〒 951-8136 Niigata-shi Chuo-ku 3-Chome 356-1, Sekiyatamachi
google map:
facebook page:

[Information site]

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