Hakone Mountain Railway Kanagawa Japan [4K UHD] 箱根登山鉄道とアジサイ The Beautiful Scenery of Japan

Because Hakone Tozan Railway ties from Odawara station Gora station in Hakone, and there are steepest slope, a turn and a switchback in Japan, the country is said to be the only real mountain railroad. The vehicle which formed sister railroad cooperation with a Swiss Ray tissue railroad and did the same coloring is also running. A hydrangea in an area along a railway line is lit up time of the hydrangea, and you also move around the hydrangea number” where going slowly is driven for enjoyment. A new-style vehicle with a big window “AREGURA number” is introduced in 2014.

Hakone is located about 100Km from Tokyo and is one of the most popular tourist resort not only for Japanese but international tourists. It is also famous for hot springs, natural beauty and the view of nearby Mt. Fuji.
Hakone Tozan Train (Mountain Railway) takes about 40min. from Hakone-Yumoto station (at 108 m above sea level) to Gora station (at 553 m above sea level). It is the only mountain train in Japan because of it’s steep slope, sharp curve and switchback.
During middle of June to early July, Ajisai(hydrangea) are in full bloom along the railway, and the train runs slowly for the passengers to see the flower.

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